R70D 180°

The Techmaveyor range consists of 3 models of belt bend conveyors which are usual applied as a component of internal conveyor and transport systems in the so-called light industry.

Belt bend conveyors are applied in specific lay-out situations demanding more efficient use of space or more flexible implementation of machinery and systems into the available space.

Conveyance with a belt bend has distinct advantages where products need to be handled with care or have to stay in the original or uninterrupted production order, which in many cases is a pre-requisite for fully automated handling or packing.

Techmaveyor belt bend conveyors are applicable for:

  • Internal transport of goods, either packed or unpacked;
  • Maximum belt load of 35 to 50 kg, depending on the model;
  • Angles varying from 30° to 180º.

General characteristics:

  • Solid, compact design and construction;
  • High quality of applied components, drive etc.;
  • Steel, painted in RAL colour as desired or fully Stainless Steel;
  • Reliable operating;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • Low noise level: depending on speed and belt type.