"May 2010 : Auto-tec Nederland B.V. continues Techmaveyor"

The activities of Techmaveyor are being continued by Auto-tec Nederland B.V. as of May 2010. Due to the long term relationship between the two compagnies a logical step. Auto-tec Nederland B.V. welcomes the Techmaveyor belt bend conveyors as a valuable acquisition to her own product range namely conveyor belts and processing belts and related products.

Techmaveyor will remain the name and brand for the belt bend conveyors. The contact persons, phone, fax and e-mail address will remain unchanged. Also the production will remain in the trusted form.

Auto-tec Nederland B.V. expects that this development will only have positive effects for the Techmaveyor clients. Due to the merge we can now combine our knowledge of internal logistics to provide you even better and more efficient service.

Should you have any questions or are wondering what we can do for you do not hesitate to contact us.


'Gentle Touch' for application in agriculture & horticulture

Especially for handling delicate fruit and vegetables
and other agricultural products, Techmaveyor B.V.
has developed a specific version for protecting and
guiding the product on the belt bend conveyor.

The so-called GT-version can be applied in nearly
clean environments, mostly for handling vegetables and
fruit product. (E.g. paprika's, apples, pears)
The guiding at inner- and outer radius consists of
rather soft (belt) material to protect delicate products,
susceptible to damaging by conveying.
At the entrance of the belt bend conveyor, the slider bed
is adapted for a 'soft landing'.

At circumstances and situations whereas product remains,
debris, soil or dust is at present, as such in handling flower
bulbs, the GT-version can be combined with a so-called
Labyrinth enclosure, see below.

- Gentle and protective product guidance
- Easy and quick cleaning
- Guidance available in several heights to suit product
- Belt material in green and FDA-approved in white and blue




Labyrinth enclosure

In handling of e.g. flower bulbs and potatoes, the chance of
excessive pollution by soil and debris exists. Extra protection is
required for the belt guidance rollers with a labyrinth shaped
Soiling is for a large part avoided by applying a steel strip, a rope
vulcanised to the belt, a few scraper units fitted between the
rollers and with additional openings in the belt guidance rail to
remove dirt.


- Less cleaning and maintenance
- Less replacement of belt guidance rollers
- Longer live span and less down-time


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